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Let's make you owner business

OfficeLand Party is a game that simulates you into a virtual business world where you yourself will take on the role of Boss, which you will need to expand your business to grow. Therefore  you must manage work according to various projects, including managing employees to be suitable for various positions within the organization.

Fun Unlimited

Game UI Design

Customize your office

Decorate your office, provide furniture such as tables, computers, mat, sofas, chairs and manage staff. Including choosing the style of the building to be the way you want.

Manage your projects

Manage various projects for the company, select employees with skills suitable for the tasks requested by the project.

Competition with your friends

Manage the business to grow. See the rank, ordered by the height of the building.

Collect your rewards

Complete daily and main quests, as well as collect Battle Pass to receive rewards and certificates.